Get Bihar Election live Result at single click

The countdown has begun and the stage is all set to form an another government in Bihar which is being considered as the origin of politics. Finally the curtains will come down on Bihar Election Result 2015 on November 08. It would certainly bring a new dawn to the residents of Bihar.

News 18 Hindi has been constantly been reaching to the TG in giving live news and feeds across the state and once again it will bring you all the latest updates on Bihar Exit Polls and Bihar Poll live result just on a single click.

The people are counting days on hand to get a new govt in Bihar. Whatever the outcome will be in Bihar but it has created political buzz across the country. Bihar Election Live Result would provide the real time results from all 243 constituencies and updates about contestant's win or loss.

It is high time when you don't need to switch on any other website. As Bihar assembly election has been the talk you can read sound analysis of exit polls from our expert. On thing is sure that Bihar Election Results Will bring the stability in Indian Politics.

The last phase of voting will be held on November 05 in nine districts for remaining 57 seats. All the speculation and political pandits are still in dilemma of one's victory. NDA and Mahagathbandhan both are eying for a victory to pave a smooth pavement to gain political mileage from bihar election 2015 result. Bihar election exit poll 2015 will begin on late evening Thursday.

According to a statement issued by Election Commission of India "A total of 57.59% polling was recorded in fourth phase in Bihar,". Bihar has registered a good turnout in comparison to last year Bihar Assembly Poll. We will also bring you Exit poll results on real time just after the completion of 5th phase polling. In an interesting stat the criminal cases have been registered against 58% Congress, 55 % of BJP, 52 per cent of JDU and 50 per cent of RJD MALs.

Over all analysis of Bihar Election Results will also be available on our website. It is also reported that "The youth" vote in fifth phase would play a major role. It has been noted that the number of youth voters have increased in comparison to last year while a total of 1.55 Crore voters will caste their vote in last and final phase in which more than 51.42 lakh youth voters will be play a vital role.

The stat also revealed that a total of 9.42 lakh voters are in age group of 18-19 while 42 lakh voters are in the age group of 20-29. Stay tuned to our website for bihar poll result and get the latest and authentic information on every single aspect of Bihar Assembly Election 2015. Stay with us at for latest news from across India.

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